For over 68 years, Endicott Coil Company (ECC) has been providing top-quality custom coils, transformers, and a wide range of magnetic and electronic components to original equipment manufacturers (OEMs). We pride ourselves on our outstanding reputation for expert engineering design, high-quality products, and impeccable customer support.

At ECC, we go above and beyond to meet every customer’s needs. From overmolding to encapsulation and sub-assembly of manufacturing items such as enclosures, hardware, wire harnesses, and electrical components, you can count on us to provide you with innovative solutions for any project specifications.

Since our establishment in 1954, we have manufactured high-performing products and extended outstanding services to over 50 diverse market applications, including automation control, industrial hazardous lighting, medical, metering, military, nuclear power, solenoid valve, power generation, and transportation.

Endicott Coil Company is the best choice to partner with when it comes to your custom coils and electronic assembly needs, and here are the reasons why:

Globally Recognized Certifications and Adherence to High-Quality Standards

Endicott Coil Company operates on a fully documented ISO 9001:2015 certified quality system. This certificate guarantees that our facilities and systems can consistently provide high-quality products and exceptional customer service for the demands and specifications of our customers.

Further, ECC’s coil assemblies comply with the Restriction for Hazardous Substances (ROHS), also known as Directive 2002/95/EC. This product-level compliance regulation prohibits businesses that manufacture and sell electrical and electronic products from exceeding the allowable amount of restricted substances in their products. These prohibited substances may include but are not limited to cadmium (Cd), lead (Pb), mercury (Hg), hexavalent chromium: (Cr VI), and polybrominated biphenyls (PBB).

ECC recognizes that these restricted materials create occupational exposure risks during manufacturing and recycling and are hazardous to the environment. Since we have high regard for quality standards and our people’s welfare, we ensure that our coil assemblies do not contain these prohibited materials and are made to meet ROHS compliance.

Moreover, ECC will solder to and inspect soldering to IPC J-STD-001. ECC can attest that our soldering workmanship for electronic assemblies follows industry-set standards and process control for a broad range of electronic products.

And last but not least, ECC is registered with International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR), a US regulation that controls the manufacture, sale, and distribution of defense articles, services, and technology. Since ECC services the military industry, we ensure that our products and services are ITAR registered for documentation control procedures.

With our international certifications and adherence to high-quality industry standards, Endicott Coil Company assures our customers that we only supply top-notch products and first-rate services. From our Engineering department, which pays intricate attention to details in the design process, to our manufacturing line, which operates on high-quality standards, and down to our shipping department for proper packing and shipping, ECC ensures to deliver nothing but the best for our customers!

Top-Caliber Coil Products and Value-Add Services

Endicott Coil Company offers a broad spectrum of impressive custom coil products. We can generate coils in American wire gauge of 4 to 48 AWG using 220°C insulation systems.

Aside from these, we provide transformers, solenoids, toroids, and electronic assemblies with high levels of performance and reliability.

Our Custom Coil Products

ECC provides high-quality products throughout the United States and worldwide. Our custom coil products include:

Bobbin Wound Coil

This type of coil creates the most cost-effective and efficient means of coil production, and it acts as an insulator.

Our bobbin wound coils are manufactured by wrapping a wire around a bobbin to achieve a desired shape to the wind. Bobbins make it easier to wind copper into or onto the magnetic core in various shapes and layers. Additionally, bobbin diameters and materials differ allowing various voltage, current levels, and operating frequencies

Bobbins can typically be molded in materials ranging from Zytel® (130°C) glass-filled nylon, Rynite® (180°), Ryton (200°C), or Liquid Crystal Polymer LCP (200°C). ECC can also help design a custom bobbin using other materials that would meet most specifications.

Self-Supported Coil

Also called air core coils, self-supported coils are produced by coating magnet wire with an adhesive over the insulating film. The adhesive secures the adjacent strands of magnet wire through a solvent application, hot-air heating, or post-baking methods. The bondable magnet wire is available with underlying insulation of up to 180°C, but the strand-to-strand bond will typically start to soften at approximately 10°C to 15°C below the insulation rating.

ECC’s self-supported coil can be wound into nearly any shape to accommodate most desired coil configuration, making them ideal for electronic applications where other coils cannot be used due to dimensional limitations.

Encapsulated or Potted Coil

Though often used interchangeably, encapsulated and potted coils differ in the tooling used in making them. An encapsulated coil uses a reusable mold into which the coil is placed, filled with material, and removed after curing. A potted coil uses a single-use cup instead of a mold, and that cup becomes part of the finished product. Both processes use liquid materials (epoxies, silicone rubber, polyesters) with temperature ranges of 105°C to 180°C as they surround and seal the coil.

Encapsulated or potted coils are produced using a ferromagnetic metal, such as Nickel or Iron, wire wrapped into a particular diameter. These coils can facilitate heat transfer and withstand drastic environmental conditions and elements, including thermal shock, water, salt, grease, gasoline, humidity, vibration, and other elements.

Overmolded Coil

Similar to encapsulated and potted coils, overmolded coils offer protection from harmful elements like moisture, penetration by salt, grease, oil, vibrations, and many other harmful conditions.

Through precision molds, proper selection of materials, and consistent process and quality control, our overmolded coils can meet even the critical dimensions required in any specifications.

ECC’s overmolded coils have successfully served the stringent requirements of the transportation, power transmission, and aircraft industries with injection (thermoplastic materials) and transfer (thermosetting) molded parts.

Our Value Added Services

Aside from our custom coil products, Endicott Coil Company provides value-added services to fulfill our customers’ demands. These extra miles include sub-assembly manufacturing and add-on items such as hardware, cases/enclosures, wire harnesses, and other electronic components.

ECC’s experienced coil engineers provide our customers with innovative ideas and creative solutions when designing custom coils. We are happy to offer design and functionality conceptualization, material selection, drawings review, test parameters, or even redesign for cost optimization of an existing coil design. You can count on ECC to provide cost-saving solutions that meet any electrical and dimensional project specifications.

In addition, we also offer various vendor-managed inventory solutions, including Kanbans, JIT (just-in-time deliveries), dock-to-stock, blanket orders, and consignment deals to support customers with the best possible pricing and shortest lead times. With ECC’s flexible manufacturing options, we can secure materials ahead of time, thus passing savings to the customers, reducing waste, and enabling a more efficient production line.

Innovative Facility and Cutting-Edge Technology

Endicott Coil Company executes our manufacturing process in a 57,000 sq. foot facility in Binghamton, NY. With innovation and automation as our edge over competitors, we can accommodate high volume and high mix production demands from our customers. Meanwhile, our in-house machine shop and 3-D printing capabilities allow us to create prototypes and preliminary coils to support our customer’s needs, including small quick run requirements.

While ISO practices are implemented in the facility, our employees are also highly experienced in CSA, ASTM, NRC, VDE, Mil-Spec, and UL testing procedures. Furthermore, we are pleased to be partnered with the Integrated Electronics Engineering Center at SUNY-Binghamton University, which allows ECC to expand further our capabilities in designing our products.

In addition to ECC’s proprietary coil design software, our engineers use AutoCAD and SolidWorks in designing and building calculations and electrical parameters. We conduct thorough tests using inductance, hi-pot, leakage, resistance, and surge testing to guarantee that we can meet our customers’ demands.

Vertically Integrated And Continuously Growing

Endicott Coil Company has a streamlined operation and direct ownership of various stages of our production process. Everything is in-house – from the machine shop to printing, tooling, and proprietary software; we do not rely on other contractors to deliver the job. As a result, we can pass on many benefits to our customers, including competitive pricing and the assurance that we only produce the finest products with a fast turnaround time.

ECC’s continuous growth is unstoppable. For almost 7 decades, our success, profitability, and reputation remain unsurpassed as a trusted custom manufacturer of coils, transformers, and a wide range of magnetic and electronic components. We have achieved greater than 15% annual growth in the last 5 years and have made more than $1,000,000 in capital investment over the past 3 years.

Need High-Quality Custom Coils, Transformers, and Electronic Assemblies?

With our streamlined operations, international certifications, top-quality products, first-rate support, competitive pricing, and innovative solutions, Endicott Coil Company is undoubtedly the company of choice and trusted partner for your custom coils, transformers, solenoids, toroids, electronic and other magnetic component needs!

Our customer base continues to expand, diversify, and grow every year. Contact us to join our family of satisfied customers! You can also request a quote, and our team of experts will be happy to respond to your inquiries.