Endicott Coil Company is Your Trusted Partner for Magnetic Coils, Transformers, Solenoids, and More

Endicott Coil Company, Inc. has been the source for magnetic components to a broad spectrum of OEMs for over 70 years. We have built a reputation for quality and service based upon the belief that business is a value relationship. The customers’ requirements and our capabilities are joined to create mutual success. To accomplish this we rely upon our capabilities, versatility and quality.

Whether your product is in the prototype stage or manufactured in high volume quantities, Endicott Coil Company can help. Our range of coils is impressive. We expertly manufacture coils in wire gages 4 AWG through 50 AWG, utilizing insulations systems to 220°C. Coils can also be created to meet unique project requirements. In addition, Endicott Coil’s transformers, solenoids, and electronic assemblies provide you with the highest level of reliability and performance.


Endicott Coil Quality

We believe quality is a constant process that determines the overall satisfaction of our customers as well as ECC’s continued viability in the marketplace.

In keeping with this philosophy, we strictly adhere to:

  • Process control utilizing SPC tools
  • Capability studies
  • Quality training
  • Closed loop vendor communications
  • Total Quality Improvement

Our History

A Solid Reputation Built Over 70 Years

  • Endicott Coil Company (ECC) was incorporated in 1954 to meet the growing needs of a local Endicott, New York company – IBM.
  • ECC was originally contracted by IBM to manufacture reed-relay coils. Through a close collaboration, we adopted IBM’s winding, insulating, testing, and inspection specifications. This trusted partnership lasted more than a decade and saw a huge expansion in capabilities for both companies.
  • In the late 1960s, ECC diversified to offer our growing customer base a wide variety of capabilities, including molding and vacuum impregnation, as well as an expanded product line of transformers, auto winders, and state-of-the-art test equipment.
  • Customers nationwide responded to ECC’s quality, versatility and capabilities. Industries served expanded to include transportation, power transmission, automotive, metering, medical equipment manufacturing, and nuclear power applications.
  • As a result, we added an integrated engineering staff skilled in the design of all types of magnetics, and a quality program based on ISO methodologies utilizing SPC techniques, case studies, process capability indices, and ongoing improvement.
  • We recently added an off-shore manufacturing facility to comply with the needs of today’s increasingly competitive marketplace. As a result of our continued growth, we are now a multi-faceted manufacture of coils, transformers, and inductors with a full complement of personnel, state of the art manufacturing, and modern equipment.


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